Niels Bohr and the atomic structure

A fundamental contribution to chemistry was given bi Niels Bohr, a Danish physicist who made important discoveries on the quantum theory and the structure of the atom.


The element Bohrium, in the periodic table, was named after him. Due to his discoveries, Bohr received the Nobel Prize in 1922.

A curiosity on this scientist…..He helped refugees from nazism in the 30’s, but he then had to escape to Sweden during the nazi occupation of Denmark.

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John Vane and the mechanism of action of aspirin

Although aspirin has been one of the most used drugs available on the market since many years, its mechanism of action has been discovered only in the 70’s.

The author of this important discovery is John Vane, one of the best english Unknownpharmacologists, who died in 2004.

For his findings he was awarded with the Nobel Prize in 1982. Read more about his biography and studies here!

Fritz Haber and the synthesis of ammonia


Fritz Haber was a german chemist who undertook important studies on the fixation of nitrogen from the air.

He was the first to synthesise ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen and got the Nobel prize in Chemistry in 1919 .

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Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel was the inventor of dinamite and the founder of the prestigious awards, the Nobel prizes.


These prizes honour outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and for work in peace.

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Goodbye John Nash

John Nash was a mathematician who won the Nobel prize in economics for his contribution to the game theory and inspired the main character of the film “A beautifil mind”. He died yesterday aged 86 in a car crash.


We remember him with his autobiography: