Math anxiety linked to peculiar problem-solving strategies

A new research shows that, when applying problem-solving strategies, people that feel anxious when dealing with maths rely on different brain circuits than the ones used by math-confident people.

download.jpegThis different brain activation could explain why people with math-anxiety also struggle more to solve non math-related complex problems.

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The mathematics of coffee extraction

Coffee is one of the most famous (and delicious!) drink in the world.


Composed of almost 2000 ingredients, mathematics can help determine the influence of different solubles’ parameters on a particular brew.



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Nobel prizes and chocolate consumption

Would you like to win a Nobel prize one day? Start to eat chocolate!


A study, in fact, showed the correlation between chocolate consumption per Country and number of Nobel Laureates.

Read the full article to find out if you have more chances than others to win a Nobel prize in the future:

Goodbye John Nash

John Nash was a mathematician who won the Nobel prize in economics for his contribution to the game theory and inspired the main character of the film “A beautifil mind”. He died yesterday aged 86 in a car crash.


We remember him with his autobiography: