You probably heard before that doing chemistry is like cooking……BookCover

Well…It is also true that you can find some chemistry in your kitchen! To know more, read this interesting book by Matthew Hartings, who will explain you basic chemistry principles through simple recipes!
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Interested in knowing more about the elements of the periodic table? Their history and who discovered them and how?

unknownThen you will probably like this book: “Periodic Tales” by Hugh Aldersey-Williams. This writer did an amazing amount of work and researches to describe all the incredible stories of the elements. If you are a chemistry lover, this is the right book for you!

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If you love beer and reading, this is the perfect book to enjoy during a nice summer evening: “The chemistry of beer: the science of suds” by Roger Barth.


The book is perfect for people who are interested in chemistry and brewing but have little knowledge of both.

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